Who am I?

I was born in Denmark in 1972 and I've programmed since I was 9 years old (Vic 20), with a long break in my late teens/early twenties, where I spent an inordinate amount of time getting my wonderful wife hooked on me. It took a while, seeing as my geeky skin color is quite the deterrent on the female sex. For some odd reason though, I succeeded in landing myself a wife, which to this day is still quite a surprise to me.

I enjoy programming. It is, in my humble opinion, one of the most rewarding and relaxing hobbies. I'm a Slackware Linux user and an open source and free software enthusiast. I'm also a member of the FSFE, where I've got a blog. You can track some of my Ada code on my GitHub page or come say hi on Google+.

What do I do around here?

Basically I write news, wiki articles and host the open Ada-DK meetings.